Preserve memories and strengthen family ties

Authentic Tales is a family video app dedicated to preserving the most important elements of who we all are - the authentic stories of our lives.We guide families & friends to effortlessly create, organize, and share captivating, prompted short videos of their life tales

The stories of our families' lives are our real heritage.We all have our own stories, big and small. These stories are shared inside a family and help shape our understanding of ourselves. They define us.Our mission at AuthenticTales is to help people share and celebrate that heritage with the people they love most.

Jake Aldrich - Cofounder


Create, Organize, & Share

It's never been easier to celebrate your family's heritage



Let the app's guided prompts carry you down memory lane and evoke beautiful memories to share.


Tell Stories

No need to prepare. Don't overthink it. Just answer our prompts like you're in a conversation.



Your stories will be saved on the site
and grouped into chapters based on periods of your life.



Share your stories with your family & friends. Watch them, remember, laugh, and love, together.

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Unlock the Power of Stories

Bond with family and preserve legacies

Strengthen Family Ties

Few things bring us together like talking and sharing memories. AuthenticTales' guided prompts help us remember and naturally share stories that connect us across generations.

  • Stories to make us laugh

  • Stories to remember

  • Stories to learn from

  • Stories of who we are

Preserve Family Memories

Let AuthenticTales organize and safeguard the real legacy of your family. We will save and host your stories so family members can view them whenever they'd like.Feel free to download your videos if you'd like as well. They're your memories!If you'd like to use your stories to compile a more curated memoir, heritage film, or memory book, we can help with that too!

Easy to Use

It's never been easier to capture a legacy in video or share that legacy with family.AuthenticTales' platform can be used by anyone, anywhere, to capture stories using a phone or webcam. We've tested it, and even Grandma approves.


Everything You Need

Preserve and celebrate your family's legacy

Guided Prompts

Tell the stories your family wants to hear


Capture video easily as stories are told


Group stories by chapter of life


View your stories on the platform


You control who can view your stories


Get curated videos and memory books


Dedicated email support


So easy, even Grandma can use it


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Hear what our customers have to say

Jenny T.

Mother, Daughter


"I wish we had done this with my dad. I would have loved to hear his stories about immigrating to the USA with nothing but a small suitcase and $75 to his name!"

Susan Y.

Grandmother, Mother


"Sharing stories with my daughter and her family has led to so many opportunities for us to talk, laugh, and sometimes cry. I told them stories they never heard about my childhood. We also talked about how I met her father and what it was like in the early years. I truly think this process has brought us closer."

Dave R.

Father, Grandson


"AuthenticTales' guided prompts helped Gran remember so many stories that I hadn't heard before, especially about her life while grandad was serving in WWII. Her stories gave us so much to talk about and helped me learn so much about her life, and mine."

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Celebrate Your True Heritage

Start sharing and preserving your family's stories today.


Great to try things out or view other family member's stories!


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Record and share as many stories as you'd like. Celebrate your heritage!


Record & Share Unlimited Stories

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Create Family Groups for Sharing

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Preserving Life's Most Import Stories

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